Service Offerings

Envision, plan and execute

Future Materials Group specialise in strategies for growth.  Our focus is on the critical, and highly specific, success factors that enable businesses to accelerate and sustain growth and value.

Future Materials Group’s work supports and informs organisations through the entire growth journey – from identifying best-fit opportunities, through business vision formulation, to strategy development and implementation.

We fully evaluate and prioritise new market opportunities, looking at products, applications, industries and/or geographies. We are entrepreneurial and innovative in creating the optimal market entry strategies.

FMG support early-stage businesses to build and execute a coherent plan for next level growth. Specific work packages range from capital raising, to stimulating organic growth through new sales and marketing initiatives, new sales channels, strategic partnerships, and new business models.

By identifying emerging drivers, products and technologies, and through developing high-level roadmaps for future development, expansion, and technology licensing partnerships, we set out a strategy that connects innovation with future markets.

Investigating and assessing existing business models and capabilities, successes and failures, both internally and externally, FMG finds, shapes and capitalises on untapped opportunities, whether through organic growth or acquisition.

Building and protecting value from Intellectual Property is a key driver of business competitiveness and growth. We help you with IP strategy development, commercialisation opportunities, and IP management support including patent applications and funding.

Middle market M&A

With advisory expertise in middle market acquisitions, we represent larger corporates, private equity firms and investors seeking to acquire. Our worldwide sector knowledge and top-level contacts allows Future Materials Group to introduce clients to niche markets, source hidden acquisition opportunities and participate in proprietary transactions outside of the auction environment.

We offer a full suite of capabilities to help clients identify, analyse, and execute potential acquisition opportunities:

Defining creative growth concepts in attractive investment or acquisition categories, identifying where opportunities exist to build sustainable profit growth.

Profiling and screening acquisition candidates in attractive businesses, and identifying the targets which maximise value creation opportunities.

Developing a transaction structure that accommodates the resources and objectives of the client.

Analysing the strategic, business and financial situation of acquisition target, identifying key issues and risks, making acquisition and valuation recommendations, and outlining a post-acquisition strategic direction.

Using appropriate strategies and tactics to negotiate a successful transaction.

Providing post-transaction analysis and support on developing business plans, organisational changes, specific action plans, timelines and accountabilities, and mapping of key-transaction contingencies.

Raising capital for growth

Future Materials Group has experience in helping ambitious businesses raise capital for growth investment or to support a transaction. Typically capital raises involve high growth and expansion stage companies, with strong differentiators and the potential to become a significant player in their specific market or niche.

We work closely with each of our clients to understandthe nature of the capital requirements and then develop an approach to financing that best suits their long-term objectives. A typical engagement will encompass the following:

Establish value parameters for purposes of raising the required capital.

Based on our knowledge of the finance markets, identify the most suitable sources of growth capital.

Develop information documents to present the company in a professional and credible manner and that conveys the value proposition to prospective investors.

Using appropriate strategies and tactics to negotiate a successful transaction with capital providers.

Assist in information gathering and in managing the due diligence process on behalf of the client including hosting an online data room.

Negotiate and finalise terms of the capital investment.

Joint Ventures and Alliances

Future Materials Group works in shaping strategic partnerships, through many types of joint ventures, collaborations and working consortiums. All our work prioritises the structuring of alliances correctly from the outset; engineering a clear shared vision, well defined roles and responsibilities, and a solid understanding of mutual synergies.

We help companies put a structured process in place, covering every step of alliance development:

  • Defining the explicit role of alliances in their strategy
  • Identifying appropriate partners
  • Structuring the right kind of relationship
  • Managing the relationship over time—including the eventual end game

Industry Sectors

Drawing on many years of industry experience, Future Materials Group offers unparalleled expertise and capabilities in helping businesses develop new products and services, engage with new markets, validate opportunities, and build new competences and capabilities. This specific in-depth industry knowledge and experience within our senior team, allied with international perspective are attributes that clients value highly.







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column2-image1High-value manufacturing


Materials Expertise

At FMG, we prefer a broad definition of advanced materials that captures a variety of technologies. In general, advanced materials tend to have the following properties:

  • Advanced materials possess intrinsic properties that offer an advantage to the end-product or to the manufacturing process
  • Advanced materials are often highly differentiated and contain considerable intellectual property
  • The advanced materials market is often restricted by high barriers to entry created by complex processes and technical expertise

The above criteria capture a breadth of advanced materials, ranging from spherical metal powders for the additive manufacturing industry to specialised flavour additives for the nutrition industry. While broad in nature, these materials often feature commonalities, from fragmented markets to opaque value chains.