FMG is a boutique growth strategy and M&A advisory firm

Growth Strategy

Future Materials Group specialise in strategies for growth.  Our focus is on the critical, and highly specific, success factors that enable businesses to accelerate and sustain growth and value.

M&A Advisory

Future Materials Group’s worldwide sector knowledge and top-level contacts allows us to introduce clients to niche markets, source hidden acquisition opportunities and participate in proprietary transactions outside of the auction environment.

Growth Finance

We work closely with each of our clients to understand the nature of the capital requirements and then develop an approach to financing that best suits their long-term objectives

We serve the advanced material and high-value manufacturing sectors

Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

Advanced materials possess intrinsic properties that offer an advantage to the end-product or to the manufacturing process. These materials are often highly differentiated and contain considerable intellectual property, causing the market to be restricted by high barriers to entry created by complex processes and technical expertise.

High-Value Manufacturing

High-Value Manufacturing

High-value manufacturing applies leading knowledge, experience, intellectual property, and innovation to creating differentiated products. Manufacturers in this space are often able to command a higher margin for their services versus more commoditised manufacturing techniques.

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