Future Materials Group, Cambridge, 4 April 2023, Booth 6 D9: Future Materials Group (FMG), the experts in growth strategies for Advanced Materials and High-Value Manufacturing, will focus its activities at JEC World 2023 around a central theme of creating value through sustainability.

Responding to strong client demand for additional guidance regarding sustainable initiatives, FMG will hold advisory sessions throughout the show, guiding companies on how to leverage a sustainability value proposition to develop growth and create value. Sessions will discuss how visitors might develop actionable approaches to address these issues as well as providing opportunities to discuss strategic objectives ranging from strategy development to overcoming market entry barriers in the composite sector.

Furthermore, FMG will also release its latest Market Insight report at JEC World 2023. The new edition, titled ’The role of advanced materials in addressing climate change’, will explore the opportunities and challenges for advanced materials in terms of sustainability and look at how advanced materials companies are capitalising on these to maximise value to their customers.

Advanced materials such as composites play two roles in addressing climate change. First, they can improve the performance of end products through their superior properties. In some instances, such as pressure vessels for hydrogen vehicles, they serve as an enabler for that application. Second, the materials themselves can have a lower emissions footprint and environmental impact, replacing more harmful materials. As OEMs begin to flow sustainability improvement and emissions reduction targets down through their supply chains in response to the latest regulatory updates, FMG works alongside manufacturers and material suppliers as they look for support to meet industry carbon footprint targets.

“Composites have a key role to play in the energy transition and reaching net-zero. In some cases, new sustainability technologies are completely reliant on these materials,” said Adrian Williams, Co-Founder and Managing Director, FMG. “Our deep understanding of the entire composite supply chain allows us to work with businesses in developing powerful sustainability value propositions, helping them navigate a successful pathway to a more sustainable future.”